Ready to transform your life?

Ready to transform your life?

The Self-Cultivation
mind, body and soul workbook by 11 Modern Muses is here!

A certain type of feeling floods you when you receive the print of your first publication. And I want to share these moments with you first!  

But let’s start from the beginning!
 - Self-Cultivation 
- Self what?

So….I first came across this term when I was designing the 11+1 Modern Months daily planner, and some customers at my physical studio were wondering: “Could you publish the Sefl-Cultivation section as a separate book? And maybe also in Greek language? It will be the perfect present to our loved ones!”. So, I did it!

This was my goal. To give a chance to busy people to slow down, reflect and check in with the self. As with everything else, Self-Cultivation | the mind, body & soul workbook has happened organically.

This phrase was stuck in my mind. How will you
become the Alchemist of your life? How do you take inventory of your life besides the storms and everyday drama? And Self-cultivation was always the answer.

Invest in your self-growth. And do not forget! Writing by hand is an essential aspect of our culture and a powerful tool for working
memory, connection, learning, relaxation, and creativity!


Self-Cultivation is a creative and interactive self-improvement journal/workbook in Greek & English!

Whether you want to improve your self-acceptance and self-esteem, attract the success you want to experience or cultivate a more positive mindset, this workbook is a valuable source.

The practical exercises of the two first sections of these workbooks, combined with a poetic dialogue between my poems and quotes of people I admire, create a place for your thoughts to rest, your dream to live, and your most significant achievements in life to be written. 

 A unique project was born, generating intentionally living & poetic thinking for busy people like you! 

Rewire your brain, flourish your body and listen to your soul! Get unstuck and create a life you love NOW!

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