Our Story

Born from the desire to create and explore, 11 Modern Muses is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates soulful design objects and experiences that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.


A muse is defined in the dictionary as, among other things, a guiding spirit and a source of inspiration.

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Alexandra Tiligadi, born in Greece, embodies a life dedicated to the convergence of architecture, poetry, and design. With an academic background in Architecture [MA], Marketing [MA], Construction Project Management [MSc], and Cultural Organizations Management [MSc], she blends disciplines to create captivating poetic experiences. Her architectural journey in Austria, Germany, and Greece, breathed life into sociocultural projects. In 2018, Alexandra established "Urban Commons", empowering communities to shape their public spaces collaboratively. In 2022, she founded "11 Modern Muses", a dynamic, ever-evolving place of interweaving art, poetry, and architecture.

Our Studio in Patras

Join us at 11 Modern Muses Studio in Patras and discover a world where art and design harmonize to enhance your living space. Explore our collections, find your favorites, and bring a touch of 11 Modern Muses' creative spirit into your home.

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Sublime places

11 Modern Muses ‘s approach as an ever-evolving place of art has allowed the brand to create a unified aesthetic across a growing range of eclectic collections, including: art, text & poem prints, soy candles, diffusers, stationery, art earrings and art objects.



We intent to create a physical and digital place of inspiration between art, design and poetry. We want to be a source of daily inspiration to everyone who wants to embrace a chaotically organized -always eclectic- aesth-ethical intentional living. 


We believe in art and design as an expression of self: that’s why we want create objects & experiences that inspire our passion-led art lovers to thrive daily.


To live our mission, we ‘re committed to:
Aesthetics, Sustainability, Loyal Community, Authenticity, Quality