As we approach the holiday season, the art of gift-giving takes center stage, and there's a special joy in finding the perfect gift that aligns with the unique interests of our friends.

At 11 Modern Muses, we've curated a collection that adds a touch of magic to your celebrations, offering thoughtful gifts tailored to your friends' individual passions.


1. Scented Bliss with Soy Candles & Diffusers

For the friend who appreciates the warmth of cozy moments and the allure of delightful scents, our soy candles and diffusers are the ideal choice. Elevate their space with the soothing glow of candles and the enchanting fragrances that create an ambiance of tranquility.


2. Limited Christmas Cards

For the friend who values the
sentiment behind every word, our limited-edition Christmas cards are a work of art. Each card tells a story of joy and connection, making them the perfect way to spread holiday cheer and show appreciation.

3. Book-Planners 2024

If your friend loves to embark
on a journey of self-discovery, organization, and creativity, our book-planners are a thoughtful choice. Blending poetry, psychology, and organizational
wisdom, these planners are a daily companion for setting intentions and cultivating a meaningful year.

Ok, it’s also the perfect self-gift but you know that right?


4. Poetic Notebooks for Handwriting Exploration

For the friend who finds joy in
expressing thoughts through the art of handwriting, our poetic notebooks provide a canvas for their creativity. Each page invites them to explore their inner musings, whether it's through sketches, poetry, or personal reflections.


Encourage your friend's personal growth journey with our "Self-Cultivation" workbook.

Filled with insightful prompts and activities, this workbook is a guide to self-reflection and development, making it the perfect gift for someone on a quest for personal